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R/C Hockey

It's incredible fast-action entertainment when players square off, aiming, shooting, defending their goal and battling for control of the puck using their remote controlled players. Players and puck are designed for speed on any flat surface. Uses 2 9V and 6 AA batteries, not included. 2 players. Ages 5 to adult.

Remote Control Fighting Robots

Your kids will make big fun happen as these mechanized monsters blast away at each other. It's a whole new level of laser tag. With wireless IR remote controls, they'll make the Lazer Megabotz. turn, run, spin left and right, chase, charge and retreat in a fight to the finish. When a direct laser beam tags a robot, it puts him into a wild spin of flashing lights and sound effects, and turns off one of his four energy level lights. Four direct tags shuts down the loser's power totally, and the game's over. Play with them inside or out, but only on a flat, hard, dry surface. You get both robots together, one in Solar Orange, the other in Galaxy Green; each is almost a foot high, and requires 4 AA alkaline batteries. (3) AA alkaline batteries are needed for each remote control.

R/C Insector

You'll be amazed at the amazing acrobatic tricks this baby can perform to escape a tight jam with you at the controls. Enemies in hot pursuit? Insector makes 180 or complete 360 turns in one quick bolt and then disguises itself by morphing into an insect! Tipped over? Insector's special fins pop into action and help it flip over, ready to roll again. 50' range. 11x25". Uses 6V battery pack, included, and one 9V battery, not included. Ages 8 to adult.


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