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Loved by both boys and girls of all ages, Legos are one of the simplest, most inexpensive, and yet most innovative toys out there. With only a few building blocks, you can create thousands of possible combinations. -With a Lego set, you can create entire worlds. From medieval castles to space age aliens, anything is possible with Legos. Because of these possibilities, kids can spend days at a time using their imaginations while building with Legos.

Today, Legos are more than just building blocks. Now kids can become Spielburg and film their own Lego movies. They can build robots that think move and follow their commands. Lego even has created LegoLand theme parks to bring kids closer to the miniature world of Legos.

Occasionally I'm asked which toys will inspire creativity in kids, making them want to use their minds while having fun. Legos are the answer. They allow kids to explore their minds and have a blast doing it.

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Yoda Lego Kit
Yoda Lego Kit

More than 14" tall, Yoda is a powerful force that stands ready to rule the galaxy. Complete with removable blissl flute, gimer stick and a head that moves back and forth. 1,075 pieces make the completed Yoda an impressive 3D sculpture. Ages 14 and up.

Lego Robotics Invention System

Lego Robotics Invention System

Incredible LEGO RCX microcomputer puts kids in command of their own functioning robot. There's never been a robotics system like this before! Imagine creating and programming a robot to draw pictures, sort candy or just drive your sister “buggy.” Kids build these and thousands of their own inventions, over and over again, with this awesome state-of-the-art system. Version 2.0 advanced CD-ROM software and unique “Big Blocks” makes even the most complicated models easy and fun to design and program. Use the USB infrared transmitter motor, 2 touch sensors and light sensor to bring the child’s creation to life. Includes Constructopedia full of building ideas. Combines with all regular lego sets to give new life to toys as the child gets older.

Grand Championship Lego Kit

Grand Championship Lego Kit

As much fun to play as it is to assemble! Control the moves by maneuvering midfielders for the best possible shot, then pop the goalie up and down at the net in order to block their opponent's slam at the goal. Includes 11 players per team, balls, scoreboard and US National Team decals. Tabletop playing field measures 17x12". 547 pieces. Ages 7 and up.

Hogwart's Castle Lego Kit

Hogwart's Castle Lego Kit

This magical, mystical Academy will keep budding wizards busy for hours! Row across the water with Hagrid and Harry to begin the exciting adventure. Search for special hiding spots in the great hall, reveal a hidden chest, then climb to the top of the spiral staircase where a spin of the flag unleashes the powers of either Gryfindor or Slytherin. Imagine all kinds of ghostly surprises hiding in the turrets and towers! Includes Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Snape, Hagrid and Draco Malfoy. Back is open for easy staging access. Winner of Toy Industries Best Activity Toy of the year 2002. 682 pieces. Ages 8 and up.

LEGO Studios & Steven Spielberg MovieMaker Set (Construction Sets)

DiscoveryStore.com:: LEGO Studios & Steven Spielberg MovieMaker Set (Construction Sets)

Lights. Camera. LEGOs! Steven Spielberg didn't have one when he was a kid, but you can get a running start on directing your own blockbuster with the LEGO MovieMaker Set, endorsed by Spielberg himself. All the essentials for building movie set pieces are here: build-and-crash LEGO buildings; earthquake plate with fiery magma; dinosaur foot; mobile fan; mini buildable cars and houses; and a supporting cast of players. Players include a heroine, villain, Rescue Firefighter, Fluffy the Cat, T. Rex and baby T. Rex, plus character guide sticks.Now that you've got the set, direct your own movie with the LEGO PC Digital Video Camera! CD-ROM movie-editing software with Director's Handbook teaches you how to easily create awesome special techniques and camera angles. Plus, you'll learn to add music and sound effects to your production. An included five-meter cord with USB connection gives you room to roam with the LEGO camera and still be connected to your PC. Once the film's a wrap, premiere it on the computer, e-mail it to friends or make a DVD! Ages 8+.

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