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R/C Hockey

R/C Hockey

It's incredible fast-action entertainment when players square off, aiming, shooting, defending their goal and battling for control of the puck using their remote controlled players. Players and puck are designed for speed on any flat surface. Uses 2 9V and 6 AA batteries, not included. 2 players. Ages 5 to adult.

Lord of the Rings Chess Set Lord of the Rings Chess Set


This is a pre-order item that will ship on or before September 30th. This stunning Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring chess set features sculpted figures, each depicting a key character from the award-winning film in superb detail. Each hard plastic piece has either a pewter or bronze effect, with heroes depicted in pewter and villains in bronze. Each piece bears a great likeness to the characters in the film and the actors that played them. The chess set piece details are as follows: Pawn: Hero - Sam Gamgee; Villain - Orc Warrior Rook: Hero - Boromir; Villain - Orc Overseer Knight: Hero - Aragorn; Villain - Lurtz Bishop: Hero - Frodo; Villain - Cave Troll Queen: Hero - Galadriel; Villain - Ringwraith King: Hero - Gandalf; Villain - Saruman This magnificent chess set will look beautiful in your home, whether you're an avid chess-player or just a Lord of the Rings fan and collector. The cardboard chess board features a map of Middle-earth and measures a full 15 x 19 inches and the average height of the figures is 3 inches.

Licensed Monopoly Monopoly

The world's best-loved board game is now available in 35 versions for both hobby enthusiasts as well as sports fans. All are played similar to the original, but each features a custom board, cards, money, and pewter playing tokens, all centered around a popular theme. From comic book collectors to race car fans, we've got your gift list covered.


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